CHSPU STUDENTS WON “CROSS OF NATIONS - 2019”On September 21, the All-Russian Running Day “Cross of Nation - 2019” was held on the embankment of Cheboksary Bay. It is the sixteenth time when Chuvashia joined the sports festival. Athletes, schoolchildren, students, politicians, employees, sports veterans (all those who choose outside activities) took part in the races.
Mikhail Ignatyev, Head of the Republic, started the main race. “Cross of Nation” program was opened in Cheboksary with a 3000-meter mass run. The members of the regional government, deputies, well-known political figures, heads of institutions and organizations, and athletes headed the race. Following them, the youngest participants of “Cross of Nation” (pupils of preschool educational institutions) ran a kilometer distance. Professional athletes ran the distances of 4, 6, 8 and 12 km.
The representatives of Yakovlev University team showed excellent results:
Marina Petrova – 3rd place in the 4000m race (females born in 1999 and older),
Alexander Vasilyev – 2nd place in the 4000m race (males born 1999 and older),
Evgeny Dmitriev – 3rd place in the 4000m race (males born 1999 and older).

September 23, 2019
Photos by A. Kirillova (Yakovlev University Mediacenter)